The mission of the Stephen K. Tompsett Memorial Fund for Technology in Education (“Stephen’s Fund”) is to continue Stephen Tompsett’s volunteer work to which he dedicated his expertise and experience. Stephen’s volunteer work exemplified his love of children and his desire to improve education by encouraging children and young adults to excel in the Science, Math and Technology fields. Stephen’s Fund strives to maintain Stephen’s high standards of excellence and continual improvement by:

  • Providing financial and other assistance to high schools and/or grade schools in order to improve their Science, Math and/or Technology facilities and curricula;
  • Providing scholarships and other awards to students who have demonstrated a desire and ability to excel in the Science, Math and/or Technology fields;
  • Encouraging students to enter the fields of the Science, Math and Technology by providing opportunities to experience the disciplines in a positive and friendly environment;
  • Providing support and ongoing encouragement to children and young adults who are considering pursuing the fields of study;
  • Engaging in the following activities as may be appropriate to encourage the study of Science, Math and Technology: publishing newsletters, sponsoring community fairs and forums; providing mentoring; disseminating relevant and age-appropriate information.
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