July 2012

I am pleased to share some quotes from our 2012 High School Award Winners:

“First and foremost I just want to express my sympathy to your family for your loss. I know firsthand, by looking at my dad and all his fireman friends, that time does not heal all wounds an that the loss never goes away. I want to say, or at least try to say, how honored I feel for being the first recipient of…this scholarship; however, I feel that no matter what words I put down, it will never express just how proud and honored I am. I want your family to know that I will do everything I can to honor the memory of Stephen, not by words but by living right. I promise to try and live up to the standards of Integrity, Strength and Insight that you believe I may possess. I also want your family to know that I will do my best to ensure my actions, whether they be academically based, community based, family based or just through every day living, honor the memory of Stephen and make your family proud by choosing me”. 2012 Winner The Stephen K. Tompsett Achievement Award (Public School).

“I only hope that Mr. Tompsett will be pleased with my being chose, as I recognize that Information Technology was one of his many passions. I will be sure to keep the words “Integrity, Quality and Continuous Improvement” in my mind as I progress through my studies and beyond” 2012 Winner The Stephen K. Tompsett Information Technology Award who will be attending the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science.

“I know Mr. Tompsett was a great person, a successful businessman and above all, a devoted family member – making this honor very special to me. The three words on this award – Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence – that describe his business values are words that I, too, hope to live by as I pursue my career in economics. Again, thank you and I will never forget this”. 2012 Winner The Stephen K. Tompsett Business Award who will be attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“I am so honored to have received The Stephen K. Tompsett Award for Overall Excellence. While I was thrilled to have received the award in the moment, after looking into what the award meant and who it was named after, I can’t help but also feel blessed. Mr. Tompsett stood for education, intelligence, kindness, compassion and faith. I only hope I can stand for the same. I have always had an ongoing interest in the area of mathematics. Thank you for this award and for continually sharing the story of such a kind, smart, faithful and heroic man who is an inspiration to those who receive awards and all who hear about him”. Winner The Stephen K. Tompsett Award for Overall Excellence who will be attending Washington & Lee University.

“I would like to thank…the Fund for the wonderful Award I was chosen for. It was a surprise and an honor to get this scholarship for “Integrity, Strength, Insight” in memory of a very special Garden City person”. Winner The Stephen K. Tompsett Achievement Award (Private School) who will be attending University of Scranton.

“Thank you so much for selecting me as the recipient of the scholarship for math, science and technology. I am so grateful for this award. I intend to use the scholarship for furthering my education in STEM-related fields and upholding the excellent role model of this scholarship”. Winner The Stephen K. Tompsett Award for Excellence in Math, Science or Technology. Recipient was accepted to: Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale and Duke University Pratt School of Engineering.