Award Application

The Stephen K. Tompsett Student Award for Excellence                                             in Math, Science or Technology

In 2001, the Stephen K. Tompsett Memorial Fund for Technology in Education (“Stephen’s Fund”) was formed in memory of Stephen Tompsett who was killed on September 11, 2001 while attending a technology conference at windows on the world in the world trade center. Steve was a brilliant technologist and loved math and science, especially computer science. He chose to devote his career to the field of technology – specifically in the financial world. Through the wonderful generosity of family, friends, colleagues and others that Steve touched during his short life, his family set up Stephen’s Fund to continue his volunteer work which exemplified his love of children and his desire to improve education, especially in his fields of expertise – science, math and technology. One of the many projects the Trustees of Stephen’s Fund are undertaking is to provide, on an annual basis, a $1,500 award to graduating high school seniors who have excelled in the areas of math, science and/or technology. Below are the requirements  for submitting an application to Stephen’s Fund for consideration for the Stephen K. Tompsett Award for Excellence in Math, Science or Technology.

Award Eligibility
To be eligible,

  1. the student must be a graduating high school senior;
  2. he student must be a resident of Garden City, New York but can be graduating from any high school;
  3. the student must be enrolled in a four year accredited university or college for the school year following his/her graduation in undergraduate studies and presentation of the award is contingent upon enrollment;
  4. the student must have excelled in the areas of math, science and/or technology as supported by teachers, principal and/or other academic references;
  5. financial need not necessarily a factor, although may be taken into consideration

Award Guidelines
Our program is for undergraduate study only. Awards are conditional upon the enrollment of the winner in a four year accredited university or college. Awards are in the form of certificates and award checks will be paid directly to the winner. The award money may be used for any purpose by the winner.

In the application and on all correspondence relating to a student who has applied for a consideration for the Stephen K. Tompsett Student Award, the student’s full name and address must be included.

Click below for Award Application

Tompsett Award Application

Application Procedures
Each applicant is to submit the following:

  1. Completed Award Application Form;
  2. Write an essay helping us to get to know you, your interests and passions, especially for math, science and/or technology. Include your academic/career goals. Limit your essay to two pages or less, double spaced;
  3. A copy of your current transcript; and
  4. Two letters of recommendation on behalf of the applicant. These letters of recommendation must be from teachers, administrative personnel or others who know the applicant in an academic or work environment and who are familiar with applicant’s excellence in math, science and/or technology. Letters from parents or other relatives will not be accepted. The letters of recommendation should refer to specific examples of the applicant’s excellence in the appropriate fields and should provide an overview of the applicant’s character and interests. The letters of recommendation must reference the applicant’s full name and address.

Email your application form, activity sheet and essay to: . Only emailed application forms, activity sheets and essays will be accepted.

Letters of recommendation and transcripts also may be emailed to Or they can be mailed to: The Stephen K. Tompsett Memorial Fund for Technology in Education, P.O. Box 7247, Garden City, NY 11530-7247.

The complete application package along with 2 letters of recommendation must be received by Stephen’s Fund no later than March 31 of your senior year.